Art Thou Well? Towards Creative Devolution of Mental Health in Greater Manchester

April was an exciting month for me as I finalised my Churchill report following completion of my Travelling Fellowship, and started a new NHS post with Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust. In 2017, my Fellowship took me to over 40 organisations across seven cities in Finland, New York and finally, Berkeley, University of California. I exchanged work with Government Ministries in Finland, the EU Social Inclusion Group in Brussels, and had first-hand encounters with some shining examples of the arts supporting mental health.


My report, Art Thou Well? Towards Creative Devolution of Mental Health in Greater Manchester will be available in June on the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust’s website. The report is written for a wide audience and aims to support the understanding and development of the arts and cultural participation for wellbeing within the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devolution Mental Health Plan. Accordingly, the report will be shared in the first instance with the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership in June, and an event with the Live Well Make Art network, part of the £5m Great Places Scheme, on May 22nd – details and book here. Key organisations for this work also include the Arts Health Early Career Researchers Network, and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Arts, Health and Wellbeing.

Aims of Research:
To apply the models explored to the context of GM Devolution
– To consider the potential impacts of arts-based treatment options
– To understand how arts-based interventions link to the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) Standards of Care

Contact Details
Email: communikatt@gmail.com | katherine.taylor@lancashirecare.nhs.uk

Tel: +44 787 107 3388
Twitter: @communikatt 





I am a senior clinical psychologist in NHS Children’s services (CAMHS), and was, during the Fellowship, a Research Associate at Arts for Health at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have worked in several university psychology research departments including the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research at Lancaster University, notable for its service user involvement, and on the Dementia & Imagination research programme. My research has explored links between arts, health and well-being and I have shared this work in a variety of forums and to diverse audiences.

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