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GM i-THRIVE Youth Mental Health Arts & Culture Evaluation Kit
Download here.

Taking Up the Evaluation Challenge
Arts Professional, October

Breaking new ground in children’s mental health services with culture and the arts, Royal Society for Public Health

Embedding the arts in healthcare
Churchill Trust, October 2020

5 Minutes with our speakers
Centre for Cultural Value

Podcast, Mental Health Foundation: Creativity and Innovation: The Creative Arts / Mental Health in the Community 

Podcast, TopMed Talk: WHO is looking at the arts in health?

Arts on Prescription: A New Kind of Medicine. IG Kultur, Austria

To access more information on the Arts, Culture and Mental Health Programme hosted on the THRIVE national website visit


Keynote: Culture Politics International: Arts for Health,
Austrian Federal Chancellery, Department for European and International Cultural Policy
Report here.

Keynote: Arts and mental health innovation in children’s services
Future Health: Changing Approaches to Health & Social Care
Faculty of Health and Social Care, Chester University

Keynote: Wellbeing Residencies Think Tank, Riga Cirks


Art Thou Well? Creative Devolution of Mental Health in Greater Manchester. Churchill Travelling Fellowship report based on practice in Finland and the USA.


Practice Handbook: free download  Windle, Taylor & Parkinson DEMENTIA AND IMAGINATION: Research Informed Approaches to Visual Arts Programmes


Taylor, K., Windle, G., Howson, T. & Davenport, B. (2017) Dementia and Imagination: Review of end of project conference, Wellcome Trust, January 2017. British Psychological Society, Qualitative Methods in Psychology, Spring 2017.

Dementia and Imagination Website 
See an interview with Principle Investigator Dr Gill Windle here.


Newman, A., Baber, M., O’Brien, D., Goulding, A., Hedd-Jones, C., Howson, T., Jones, C., Parkinson, C., Taylor, K., Tischler, V. & Windle, G (2016) Carrying out research across the arts and humanities and social sciences: developing the methodology for Dementia and Imagination. Cultural Trends.

Seminar at The Art of Mentalizing conference, by CNWL Arts in Healthcare
Pratt Institute, New York

Exhibition: Dementia and Imagination at The Crooked Spire, Chesterfield
Co-curated with Arts for Health Director Clive Parkinson and artists Joanna Dacombe and Gillian Brent, Nottingham Contemporary.

Exhibition: Dementia and Imagination at The Dukes Theatre, Lancaster.
Read about viewers’ reactions here.

Transformed image
An image made by a participant of Dementia and Imagination, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council Connected Communities.

Public engagment: Muddle Maze, Einstein’s Garden, Green Man Festival, Wales 2016
Research Artist Carol Hanson’s installation saw cartoon pensioners Doris and Ivor visit the Green Man music festival and collect people’s favourite memories. Through this fair we engaged over 1600 people.

Research Artist Carol Hanson's installation at Green Man: Doris and Ivor's Carry On Cartoon Camping

Knowledge exchange: From Helsinki to Manchester: 
For one week, 8 Arts Development Officers from Finland were hosted by Arts for Health at MMU including a day long workshop for 100+ individuals working in research, practice and policy.


Taylor, K., Lobban, F., & Fletcher, I. (2015) Exploring the links between the phenomenology of creativity and bipolar disorder Journal of Affective Disorders.

Urban Psychosis
At the Holden Gallery, Urban Psychosis drew on the psychological effects of city living, and included work from John Baldessari, Matthew Buckingham and Sophie Calle, and a programme of evening lectures from Will Self, Professor Rhiannon Corcoran and Professor John Read.
Now Then Magazine article: Inner City Pressure.
and Guardian review.

Urban Psychosis Exhibition

Public engagement: Carry On Cartoon Camping, Einstein’s Garden, Green Man Festival, Wales 2015

Pre DClinPsy qualification (2010 – 2013)

Lobban, F., Taylor, K. & Jones, S. (2010) Bipolar is a double-edged sword : a qualitative study of the positive edge. Journal of Affective Disorders.

Lobban, F., Barrowclough, C., Jeffrey, S., Bucci, S. Taylor, K., Mallinson, S., Fitzsimmons, M. & Marshall, M. (2010) Understanding factors influencing substance use in people with recent onset psychosis: a qualitative studyJournal of Social Science and Medicine.

Hammerlsey, P., Taylor, K., McGovern, J. & Kinderman, P. (2010) Attributions for hallucinations in bipolar disorder. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy.

Tarrier, N., Taylor, K., & Gooding, P. (2008) Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions to Reduce Suicide Behavior: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisBehaviour Modification.